Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'll go to the foot of our stairs - House tour part 2

So carrying on with the house tour I'll show you downstairs, we're built into a slope so it all makes for an interesting layout. Before I start I will give you the briefest of history, the top part of the house was originally on a farm down the road, it was going to be a doer upper, they changed their minds and the previous owners put it on the back of a lorry and drove it up the road and plonked it down. After jacking the house up then balancing on 44 gallon drums, then jacking up again, adding more drums etc they they dug out underneath and built what is there now. I call it a house on a house. The house on the top was lived in by the previous owner, the house below was occupied by a family member as was the top house by another. Quite a family affair, our intentions when we bought here was to rent out the top house, which we did until recently(this created a whole lot of problems for us) and now Michael & Natasha are living there. The lower level I thought I might use for homestays, we eventually went off this idea and decided to convert both levels into one home. Renovating the upper level nearly broke us and I blogged about all that as we went. Downstairs is still a work in progress and we have, this weekend, been out and bought paint and wallpaper to start redecorating the spare bedroom. In the photos it all looks very nice and it is of course, but it's tired, still bears the marks of the previous owners and it's long overdue for a makeover. So like so many things here, it's work in progress. Without further ado let's begin........

Opposite the 'foot of our stairs' is the bathroom, turn left and you end up in the family room/kitchen/diner, turn right and you go to the bedrooms. 
We'll go left first....
The family room & kitchen


Kitchen & dining
The pink frame is where we had to remove a window when we installed the Infinity hot water system, it was too close to where the gas thingy was outside. It will no doubt be like that until I get a new kitchen, I'm not holding my breath, I do not like my kitchen but I have to put up with it.

Back into the hallway, first door on the left is the bathroom


At the end of the hallway on the right is our bedroom

Next door to our bedroom is my dressing room which I love so much it's my own space. Joe gets all the wardrobe and drawer space in the bedroom

The following are all works in progress and the bedroom is the next to do project and I'll be starting that this week and repainting all the doors from purple to a much lighter colour
Spare bedroom opposite our bedroom(to be decorated very soon)
The purple has to go, I hate it!

As we stand in the hallway and look back towards the kitchen the two doors to the left are storage and are under the stairs, the door far right is the bathroom
There is a hallway just before the bathroom, it's a mess! Nuff said!
 It leads to what would have been the downstairs laundry area, the furnace for the old hot water system is here and also another loo which I call the spider loo, as they are the only ones who use it!
On the right as you go through the door...
This was never finished by the previous owners and it's way down on our priority list too.

On the left as you go through the door,
this is the dogs room when it's not too cold.
We have two freezers in here, we have another in the garage but that's empty at the moment.
The up side of doing these two posts is that I've been prompted into having a bloody good clean and it's had an early mini Spring clean.
And that's it! If you've got this far then bloody well done!
You deserve a medal

And that is me done for today, I've been trying to do this blog and cook a Sunday roast and Pumpkin pie for dessert as Michael & Natasha were here for dinner.
I'll share that and other things tomorrow.
I'm going to have another glass of wine and put me feet up.
I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend


  1. Dodgy looking tour guide there matey! Look how tidy that kitchen is, you could sell it today!! Seriously, looking good!

  2. Hi Sue, I somehow missed the first instalment... I'm all caught up now. I love your big windows and the views. You are so lucky to have so much space. it's good having a nosy around other people's homes! Been for a bike ride around lake Coniston today... my bum wants a divorce! Even with padded shorts those road bike seats are torturous. Have a good week, Andrea

    1. Hi Andrea, yeah it's pretty big, we bought it as we thought we'd have lots of visitors over, but that hasn't happened! Ah well, more space to spread myself out in! Good on you for going on your bike, my arse hurts just thinking about it lol

  3. Well now Sue ... along with a crink in my neck from peering so closely at your gorgeous house pics ... I also have VERY serious house envy AGAIN!! I got it in your last home tour post & was only just getting over myself again :-) Your home is just gorgeous, I love it - you are sooo lucky to have all the beautiful light airy space to play around with. And every window has wonderful views. Love the cat stretched out on the floor living that VERY stressfull life there. Happy week to you Sue x0x0

    1. You need to come out for a proper look :D

  4. Crikey Sue, you sure have plenty of space. It's fabulous. o like the shape of the wall around your log burner & all the interesting nooks & cranny's. A fab big bathroom too. I like houses with interesting nooks, that's one of the reasons we bought our home. Thanks for the tour, but again, no cuppa tea!

    1. Sorry about the cuppa! Such a shoddy hostess! Perhaps a quilting weekend in the barn sometime?? whaddya reckon?

  5. Oh my what a beautiful house you have Sue! Makes me want to get up and spruce mine up a bit :)

    Thank you for the tour. I love looking at other peoples homes, and yours is stunning, you must be so proud :)



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