Sunday, April 05, 2015

Blood moon and lunar eclipse 4/5th April 2015

I stayed up until the wee small hours of the morning so I could watch the blood moon (not very bloody) lunar eclipse. I've not had much success taking photos of the moon before because I wasn't entirely sure how to use the settings on my  camera. So I Googled it! I have a 55-250mm zoom lens which really doesn't zoom in close enough so I had to do a lot of cropping, and the result isn't too bad. As it was daylight saving last night too, where our clocks went back an hour, I at least gained an hour back of sleep. Here are the photos.
ETA: My camera is a DSLR Canon EOS650D

Definitely worth staying up for I reckon, not sure when I'll get to see one again.

However you choose you spend this long weekend, 
have fun.

And Happy Chocolate Day!!
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  1. What great photos. You must have a really good camera. I would like to know what it is? I didn't even know it was daylight saving until this morning..Have a happy Easter :)
    Do you know you are a no reply blogger?

  2. It's a DSLR Canon EOS650D. What do you mean by no reply blogger?

  3. Wow … looks fantastic … definitely worth staying up for.
    Happy Easter :0)

  4. Awesome photos, I have to confess I slept through it.

  5. I heard about that. Thanks for the pics! I would stay up for that too.

  6. I missed it in real time but now thanks to you I have seen it!


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