Thursday, April 02, 2015

Out and about- Auckland April 1st 2015; Taking in the sights and a show

One of the credit cards we have used to have a rewards-total-waste-of-time scheme called Hotpoints. About a year ago they stopped it, we had points that needed to be used so got some hotel vouchers which, we realised, needed to be used and soon. So we booked up a hotel in Auckland, The Copthorne Harbourside Hotel. This was the view from our room. Rangitoto is the peak on the horizon and is a volcano, it last erupted about 500 years ago. I did mention to Joe that should it erupt again we would have a great view of it going up!! 
'Oh look Joe here comes the pyroclastic bl.............
Not a bad view is it? I'm not a huge fan of Auckland but on sunny days like this it does look very pretty.....
It also has some rather beautiful old buildings



Tourist information centre

Before we could check in to our hotel we had some time to kill, so we stopped at Botany Downs shopping  centre, in another part of Auckland. I got the top and leggings in a sale. The Skechers I bought as soon as we got to Auckland, I really needed some shoes to walk around in that weren't going to make my feet drop off after 20 minutes of walking.

After the shopping came lunch, as as we made our way to the Viaduct where there are lots of lovely restaurants I took a photo of The Cloud, built for the crowds to view the rugby games during the Rugby world cup hosted here in 2011.

I love that these buildings look like a cruise liner.

  Crab Shack
Lunch number one was here, we tried the tiger prawns and the crab and lobster cakes
Very nice indeedy and of course they were washed down with beer and wine.

Agee jar beer mug! Cool
It's MY wine!
The prawns, served in and eaten off an enamel bowl and plates
How do Percy Prawn
Scruffy looking sparrows having a spruce up

 Lunch number two was at Limon,
a Spanish Tapas restaurant
The views here were pretty good too.
  Auckland harbour bridge

Mezze platter
Loved these boards.

Auckland Sky Tower
  The Copthorne Harbourside Hotel

Outside our hotel room door is a window with a view

That evening we had booked to see a show at the Civic theatre.
It was Let It Be
"Relive The Beatles’ meteoric rise from their humble beginnings in Liverpool’s Cavern Club, through the heights of Beatlemania, to their later studio masterpieces, with live performances of early tracks including Twist and Shout, She Loves You and Drive My Car, as well as global mega-hits Yesterday, Hey Jude, Come Together and, of course, Let It Be. Travel back to the magical Sixties when all you needed was love, and a little help from your friends!"

In our glad-rags

The stage and the only photo I'm afraid. It was a great show, if you're Beatles fans and it comes to a theatre near you then go see it.
Afterwards much yee-hawdedness was to be had along with lots of bourbon.
Oh and I stole my hat from the bar! Don't tell anyone!
Joe put his back, pffrt! Goody two shoes!
A bit blurred but so were we!
   CD, programme and oops how did that hat get there!
I hope I didn't bring a horse home too!!!!!

This morning was another beautiful day but I reckon that sun was a lot brighter today than yesterday.

.....and on the motorway driving home this phrase on the back of the camper van just about sums it all up really doesn't it? Life should be an adventure.

Getting nearer to home we passed through Huntly, they have a big power station there. That isn't a plume of smoke, it's vapour from a cooling summat or other, he did tell me but I had glazed over by then point and I could very well have nodded off. So that's as technical as it gets I'm afraid.
It's also where Joe has worked for the past 8 years, he has one more shift round left to do, ie 2 night and 2 day shifts. Then he's outta there, an opportunity for a new job came up recently and he's taken it.
I'll fill you in on that another day.
In the meantime here are few photos, 
the river is the Waikato river.

And that's me for today
See ya next time.

Now where's the Alka Seltzer?


  1. Wow Sue - looks like you had a great time - and such perfect weather! Aren't Skechers the best, just love mine. I haven't been to Auckland in a long time, but it's a lovely city isn't it. Glad you had a great time at the show (love the hat!) and best of luck to Joe and the job change. cheers Wendy

    1. It's always nice to take time to get away, it was an especially good couple of days weather wise, it's going to be nice all weekend by the looks of it. I think I'm going to love my Skechers too, first pair I've owned :D

  2. Sounds like a really neat outing & show Sue - your photos are great. Bet Joe is looking forward to his new job, the Waikato river looks lovely in your pics. By the way ... I am seriously envious of your ironing board makeover in your last post :-) It looks fantastic !!! Have a great Easter x0x

    1. It's always nice to get away, we always seem to get good weather when we're in Auckland too :D the mighty Wack-a-too :D I don't know what possessed me to post about the ironing board lol but I'm glad you like it hahah! Have a great weekend xx

  3. Lunch number 1 and lunch number 2 ... that's what I call living the high life ... if only we could do it every day :0)
    Looks like a perfect getaway weekend ... and I promise not to tell anyone about the hat ;0)


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