Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

And so here we are in a whole brand spanking New Year, the first half of the first day of the aforementioned New Year was spent in bed where I found it quite impossible to lift my head from the pillow. It was impossible to lift because at least twenty small people were in there with hammers doing a lot of banging around, bastards! It is now 2.40 in the afternoon and I am up and dressed and able to walk around without doing that sideways lunge that so often happens when one has over imbibed. Regrets? I've had a few and can pretty much guarantee I'll have whole lot more. I'll come back to the New Year shortly, first I thought I would share a few photos of our Christmas Day which was lovely, we had a cracking day and so much fun. I hope yours was too.

Christmas day breakfast, ham, eggs & pork pie

Santa's been

I got Joe a dart mat, I got him the dart board last year, next year I'll get him some darts and we'll be able to play a game!!!! Hahaha....

Michael got a new tool belt all ready for his new job starting in a couple of weeks, the rugby ball had toiletries in it, I got that for him because he smells.

Joe also got some golf balls and stuff, because he hopes to start playing golf again this year, a good walk spoilt I reckon and I hate to walk.

 Natasha got a jewelery box, a Christmas cheese knife set and she's modelling the beach wear dress.

And I got fat! haha Actually I was fat in August so I can't use Christmas as an excuse, I did get Adele's new CD 25, a gardeners journal to keep me on my toes in the garden and Joe got me a 50mm portrait lens and I love it, a lot of the photos were taken with it.

Merry ChristMax
We played darts/games in the barn for while and drinks were compulsory

 Then once our other guests arrived, Briar and Greg, friends of M&T we ate...

and ate....
Briar's contribution (amongst other goodies) they were delish, I do regret showing one off to someone and dropping it on the floor! Oops, sorry Briar.

and ate.....the Christmas Day feast

Freshly dug from the garden

And if that wasn't enough we had this and very nearly went into a food coma

Even the moon came to dinner

And then the Shenanigans began.....

There was to be much merriment and cavorting in the barn that evening

Another couple turned up that evening too, Andrew & Cas

Pretty sure Tash was losing at beer pong here

Maxy a bit over it all

Still here from my 50th this was dragged out

 I was directing planes here

 Clever Dick

And then the Dad's dance mat came out....

Great fun

And that is when Joe and I left them to it and went to bed. Okay so I did just say a 'few' photos, sorry I got carried away. Believe it or not there are plenty more, of you want to check them out you can see them here

You know it's been a good party when you find someone's undies on the ceiling the next day!

There were leftovers for days after

And so to New Year, you'll be pleased to know that I was a bit slack in the photo taking last night
More fun in the barn, Joe's Bar was open late

The lovely Cath & Glen, the only one with them both in focus, I need more practice with my new lens


The photobomber bombed

Duane and Jasmine

Natasha was there but managed to not get photographed so here's a bonus one with Briar on Christmas Day.

And that's where I'll leave it today, you may all need to have a lie down for a while, that was a bit epic eh. Oh and I will be back, I promise to be a good blogger, I might set myself a daily challenge of a photo a day from the garden, I might last a week.
There are exciting things afoot here and so I'll be reporting on that very soon, I'm so excited I could crush a grape. 
So to one and all, far and wide, near and dear, here's to a great 2016

PS I'm off to finish Book number 52, for the Goodreads 2015 book challenge, luckily they work on northern hemisphere time. I've got four hours in which to read about 100 pages..... piece of cake......don't mind if I do.



  1. Fab post Sue! Looks like a great time had by all! I hope the owner of the undies is OK? :-)

    1. Cheers, it was a fab day, probably the best one yet in NZ. Owner of the undies was Michael, Tash gave him a wedgie and they came right off hahah!

  2. You and your crew sure know how to have a good time. Thanks for sharing all the photos, they make me smile. Happy New Year!!

    1. We do eh :D Glad they made you smile, it's my job ya know :D Happy New Year matey xx

  3. Goodness, that barn sure does see a lot of business! It looks like the usual wonderful time was had by all. Except for maybe Max.

    Happy New Year to all of you. Sorry to see that Duane has a girlfriend; he is yummy.

    1. He can sing too :D Happy New Year to you too xx

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous christmas and new year! Ours was a little more sedate. We did have a house full on Christmas Eve when the kids and grandkids come over , we had 12 I think. Christmas Day was at oldest sons with another house full. New Years eve we babysat oldest sons dog so he and DIL could stay at a hotel overnight and party all night long. We did manage to stay up to see the new year in. I still carry on my mum's tradition of making DH go out with bread, money and salt to let in the new year!!! The food looks amazing, especially the trifle! I could do the picture of the garden a day, just post the same picture of snow over and over until May!!! Looking forward to see what your new projects are going to be.

  5. After how I felt yesterday I'm kinda wishing mine was a little more sedate ;-D That tradition sounds interesting, bread to have food in your belly? money for wealth? Not sure of salt, so off to check that out. Poor you and the snow brrrrr xx


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