Friday, October 11, 2019

Hosting the Te Pahu W.I group

Two ladies in the Te Pahu book club I belong to are also members of the Te Pahu Women's Institute. At the beginning of the year I had our book club members here for lunch so that we could all get our first book of the year. I was asked if I would mind having the Te Pahu WI group here to see the crafts etc that I've made and a look around the garden, I said yes.
Yesterday was the day nine lovely ladies turned up at my door and after their WI business was done they had the guided tour.
It wasn't until I started pulling things out to show that I realised just how many things I'd made and just how many things I've still to finish!!
After the tour we all had afternoon tea and had the longest of chats, they all brought afternoon tea which was delicious.
With everything displayed, I took the opportunity to take photos, and here they are.....
Flax weaving, from a course I did


Two quilt tops waiting to be professionally quilted
Scrap wool blanket things! a UFO

Cats, another UFO

Calendar quilt, needs embellishing

Some repair work needed

Wall hangings

Still to be hung, a rug I did the finishing touches to

An old ladder displaying quilts

One of the first quilts I ever made

Arty farty stuff

Quilt made from op shopped fabric

Left: crocheted mohair blanket, right: scrappy blanket

Some early crochet and a scrappy quilt

Hexie quilt, a work in progress

Dogs on a crocheted blanket


Cushion corner

A multitude of mixed colours and textures

Cleopatra, the door stop

Another early wall hanging quilt

Op shop found stitchery and stash fabrics

A riot of colour, a cosy spare bedroom

Op shop found stitchery and fabric

Made from my stash of yarns, simple crocheted stitches but the texture makes it look spectacular, it weighs a ton!


Made from doilies and lacy scraps, filled with lavendar
Clay bust

Cross stitch dragonflies

Crocheted lacy scarf

Wool blanket quilt, warm and snuggly

One of two quilts the same, quilt kit found in an op shop then weeks later I found more of the same fabric,crocheted bag

warm crocheted wool throws

bags, crocheted, knitted and free form crochet

Patterns for the outdoor furniture

Bright colours and picnic blanket

Painted project

The revamped outdoor furniture I did last year

Welcome and thank you for afternoon tea ladies

Thank you gifts


  1. You are an amazing chick... so much gorgeous stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing you again once I've moved and life gets back to 'normal'.

    1. Cheers chook, yep we're long overdue for a catch up, hoping you're closer to me once you move:D

  2. You have been a busy, busy crafter! You definitely do beautiful work. I just sent 4 more crocheted blankets to the charity shop. That's 16 I've sent, I'm just trying to get some of the yarn used up. Lots of it are 'Why did I buy that' yarn.

    1. Trying to use up here too, there will be no excuse to be cold here will there lol

  3. Gosh Sue - you are a talented thing aren't you!!?? Well, not a "thing" - a person I mean! How lovely that you got to host the ladies. I always used to dread stuff like that & then when they come, I always really enjoyed it. Lovely thank You gifts too. xx

  4. Thanks Julie, I've always been able to sew and knit, but quilting and crocheting are skills I learned here, so glad I did xx


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